What can our plaques be used for?

Award Plaques

Cast bronze plaques are used for the most prestigious awards for people who are truly tops in their fields. For presentations, we frequently mount our plaques on solid hand rubbed walnut panels.

Building Dedication and Identification

All-Craft Wellman can create a building plaque to boldly identify a building, recognize those involved in its construction, and serve as a centerpiece for it’s dedication!

College and University

Over the generations, people have conveyed their deep appreciation of outstanding individuals and recognition of important institutions through the use of bronze.

Corporate and Government Logos

The classic beauty and durability of cast metal makes it an especially appropriate medium for official insignia.

Donor Recognition

Our plaques, nameplates, and dimensional letters can be an effective means to raise money for your organization. Let us design a beautiful display to appropriately recognize your contributors.

Historical Plaques

Our historical plaques will be read by your great grandchildren. We will create a custom historical plaque to tell your story. We can also furnish standard plaques such as National Historical Register Plaques.

National Registry of Historic Places

These are cast plaques that you can order to identify those buildings that have been officially recognized as being on the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of the Interior.

Machinery Nameplates

A high quality nameplate on your product gives your name high recognition and permanence. Even after years of use, abuse, and the repainting of the equipment, your name and other vital information will remain distinct.

Memorial Plaques

We can create a memorial plaque to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to memorialize a family member, family pet, or honor a military veteran, we can create a plaque that is appropriate.

Petcast Pet Memorial

A permanent remembrance for you family lets them know that your pet will never be forgotten. A 3 dimensional Petcast addition to your plaque of YOUR pet exclusively from All-Craft Wellman. Remember your special companion