This Month at Wellman

Check back regularly for pictures of our latest projects, as well as company news regarding new products and services. Here are examples of several unusual plaques, recently created by All-Craft Wellman.

tree-back tree-front

All-Craft Wellman can supply your organization with Donor Recognition Trees that will provide beautiful quality recognition for your donors. Trees are available in cast bronze or cut-out brass in five different sizes. Leaf patterns are supported by the trunks and can be added or arranged in various configurations. Actual leaf sizes are available in brass or silver aluminum and can be engraved with donor names or inscriptions. For prices and information, please call us.


box4c box7c


The world famous Cleveland Orchestra has completed the renovation of their performance center at Severance Hall in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. The Orchestra is using our products to recognize and encourage financial contributions. The performance hall boxes are identified with the above cast bronze plaques (10-3/4″ high by 6-3/4″ wide ). Donors are also recognized with special bronze engraved plates ( 3/4″ wide x 4″ long) on their box seats. The Orchestra uses our engraved aluminum plates on other auditorium seats to appreciate contributors and memorialize loved ones.


Our plaques are effective in store displays. This recent Bugle Boy cast aluminum logo conveys a special visual quality as no other medium can. Although the television or print media can effectively convey a concept through skillful graphics, in real life, such as a sales display, nothing can convey the beauty and strength of cast metal, except cast metal!


In addition to bronze and aluminum cast plaques, All-Craft Wellman engraves custom nameplates and plaques on plastic, acrylic, aluminum and brass.