Types of Plaques

Your can select the type of plaque which meets your exact needs and budget.


  • Cast Plaques – These are produced by pouring molten bronze or aluminum into sand molds. The resulting castings are cleaned, chased, painted, and polished, resulting in beautiful polished raised letters and borders with dark, contrasting backgrounds.
  • Precision Machined Plaques – Produced by machining solid bronze or aluminum plates, these are as beautiful as cast plaques, but can be manufactured in less time and and at lower cost. Thinner plaques are also available.
  • Etched Metal Plaques – Produced by chemically etching a wide variety of metals, this is an ideal solution when you need finer detail than is possible with cast plaques.
  • Alumicolor Plaques – These are produced by printing and sealing highly stable color dyes into flat anodized aluminum. This means you can have four-color images printed onto aluminum that will last up to 10 years for interior applications.
  • Engraved Plaques – Created by machining recessed lettering into brass, aluminum or plastic plates, this is an economic way to create single or multiple nameplates, where the copy is recessed.
  • Portrait Plaques – These are available in a number formats.
    • Bas-Relief Portraits are created by our sculptors in three dimensional low-relief clay models. After your approval, these are  cast in sand molds and hand-finished to produce premium bronze or aluminum portraits. They are often attached to plaque backgrounds.
    • ImageCast Portraits are created from customer-supplied photos of an individual(s), groups, or events. A low-relief collage of images can then be created in bronze or aluminum to tell a story or portray an event.   This is an economical alternative to the somewhat deeper bas-reliefs.
    • Flat-Relief Portraits are created from black & white drawings of the person(s). They result in a two-level flat image. The background areas are darkened, while the raised areas are polished for contrast.  These can be attached to cast plaque as a lower priced alternative to bas-relief plaques.
    • Etching can also be used for portrait plaques. High contrast half-tone photos can be etched into metal for interior plaques. Solid-line black and white drawings can be used to make exterior or interior plaques.
    • Metal Photo Portraits are economical when you have a portrait image that is extremely detailed or does not have a lot contrast (old photos). This method results in a permanent black image on a natural or gold-tone aluminum plate and can be used for both interior or exterior installations.
    • Alumicolor  Portraits can also be used for four-color portraits.