a_buildingvig1xIn 1902, William Wellman started the Wellman Products Company to furnish high quality supplies to the pattern and foundry industry. One of those products was white metal pattern letters, used to identify foundry castings. Utilizing a special casting process, the company manufactured letters that became recognized as some of the finest white metal letters in the United States.

In 1948, William’s son, Samuel Wellman, used the company’s pattern letter expertise and his own experience at a former bronze plaque company, to begin manufacturing high quality bronze and aluminum tablets. With a background in writing and professional experience in design, Sam created well-designed plaques that were both aesthetically pleasing and which clearly expressed the thoughts of his customers.

By 1970, Sam had renamed the company All-Craft Wellman, Products, Inc., and had moved the company to a new manufacturing facility in Willoughby, Ohio. By the 1990s, under the guidance of his son, Gil Wellman, the company had added computer engraved plaques, plastic and metal architectural letters, and medical x-ray markers, to it’s product line. Currently, we manufacturer and/or distribute cast, precision-machined, and photo-etched plaques to meet customer specifications.

All-Craft Wellman continues to serve a large variety of customers. We have served such institutions as Fordham University, the City of Cleveland, the Cleveland Museum of Art, the Cleveland Orchestra, Baldwin-Wallace University, Toyota Motor Corporation, the University of Toledo, and the Federal Court System. Customers include synagogues, churches, educational institutions, hospitals, banks, governmental agencies, contractors, architects and building managers, corporations, historical societies, law firms, and, of course, thousands of individuals.

All-Craft has remained small while retaining a high level of manufacturing expertise. Our employees, some with 30 or 40 years experience, have helped the company retain its most important strength: knowledgeable, personal service. Whether you are a member of a large corporation, small family, or just an individual, you will receive the same detailed, expert attention from us, so you can obtain a custom plaque that meets your specifications.