A memorial plaque that meant a lot!

…. just want to express to you AGAIN how “very, very much” I appreciate EVERYTHING you have done in making our dreams come true for our memorial plaques for our sweet, sweet angel “Sugar Bear”.  We just couldn’t have EVER found anyone anywhere else to have done as good a job as you have done for us in getting this “most important” and “most special” memorial put together for our angel and who has been the “love of our lives” .  You have been so very kind, compassionate and understanding throughout this entire process and words could NEVER express the gratitude I feel in my heart for the care and attention you have given us.

Very Sincerely,



Appreciation from the National Park Service at the Grand Canyon!

Gil – we received the plaques in time for our dedication ceremony yesterday. We gave out the plaques at a reception that followed the dedication yesterday. The families were very happy to receive them and had not expected such a nice gift. It brought tears to their eyes.


Our Superintendent was quite pleased with how well they turned out. I mentioned the great service we received from your organization – he will be sending you a thank you letter very soon.  Its very rare that people will go so far out of their way to make something happen. You did just that…we wouldn’t have been able to do this for the families without your effort and hard work.


The families were so touched. I’ll send you a photo of one of the family accepting a plaque from the Superintendent.


Ian, the fellow that I worked with here was very impressed with the plaques and also appreciates your help. We know it was a big job…a last minute job, and that you went above and beyond to help us. Thank you so much.


Maureen Oltrogge

Public Affairs Officer

Grand Canyon National Park

Appreciation from METSO Power, Charlotte, North Carolina.

Bob / Gil,

Just wanted to let you guys know that the retirement plaque looks AWESOME!!!  You all did a really excellent job.

We’re presenting it to him tonight – – he’s going to really like it I’m sure.

Thanks so much for getting that done so quickly and for doing such a great job.  We really appreciate it.

This is definitely a good idea for the next “old guy” to follow soon.